About Us

For Nextweb our customers’ and clients’ are at the very core of everything we do and endeavour to. What our client aspires for, wants incorporated, and seeks from us are in perfect sync and that is how we have been able to mould ourselves as being absolutely client-centric. We understand our clients, support them in every which way, and deliver results and solutions not just for today, but in the future too.

Our services are definitely a value-add to all our customers’. And all our clients’ who have interacted with us, engaged our services, will assuredly vouch the way we do business and aspire to take things forward too. And so our efforts to excel, keen customer focus and offer exemplary services really does give Nextweb the impetus we seek for ourselves in the market.

Nextweb loves challenges which we successfully convert into opportunities.

The Nextweb Vision

It is our definitive vision to grow our footprint in the area of our expertise and to nurture and enhance customer interactions and always to go much beyond customer expectations.

The Nextweb Mission

It is our ultimate mission to deliver best practices coupled with ongoing support, enhancing customer experience and in a way developing into becoming a service provider who can augment market share, quality, revenue, growth, and margins.

The Core Values of Nextweb

As per Craig Larman, Agility is a “Rapid and flexible response to change.” In order to engage our client continuously and in the right way so we can sustain and deliver, we have devised a deliberated, dynamic, and practical approach that is well-aided by agile methodologies and practices.
There will be multiple definitions for Innovation out there. One of which is, “Turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective.” – Nick Skillicorn. This befits what Nextweb believes in and makes up one of our core values too. Innovation is the atypical go forward for any organization and it is for us also.
Ever since we started out, we are driven by our focus and commitment to our valued customers’. To offer good, on-time and dependable client and customer service and full-fledged support is one of our core values.
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader." – John Quincy Adams
At Nextweb, People Focus makes up one of our other core values. Since we believe in cohesiveness, as an organization, we know it is our people who makes us and that being said, on a larger plane, people include our employees and our customers’ of course!
“Excellence is not a Skill. It is an Attitude.” - Ralph Marston
Yes. If we put in our best and do our best day-on-day, then our standards and performance levels will surpass existing standards and the quality of excellence is one of Nextweb’s core values.
If the fun element is taken out of work, or if there is not an iota of fun and enjoyment present at work, then, the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” comes to the fore. And we at Nextweb don’t want that. Hence one of our core values to have a perfect balance of work and fun is something we are vested towards and make it happen too.
One of core values, we will not be where we want to be or aim to be, if not for the collaborative team spirit and teamwork of course. If we really envision ourselves to be scaling heights, we need to work as a team and concerted teamwork is our way forward!

The Nextweb Advantage

Over time, Nextweb has proven our commitment to the services we offer and the clients’ that we serve. And in this, dependability, efficacy, forward-looking technologies, and a progressive outlook coupled with absolute customer support and service pretty much encapsulates the Nextweb Advantage.

Elaborating thus:

Our work and services are designed and devised keeping in mind not just our customer but their end-users’ too.

We enterprise to adapting technologies and practices that are trending, and it is our primary mission to constantly innovate, initiate and pioneer to offering the best.

We have successfully proven our mettle and our ability to deliver. And in this, we seamlessly blend and integrate with what is currently in use to technologies of the future.

We offer custom and bespoke services and solutions to our customers’. We believe in fitting into the groove of what the client seeks individually and then adapt our service and solution in accordance.

The Nextweb journey is replete with our core values, our commitment, our vision, and our engaging services. Our clients’ are at the focal point of everything we do. So our proven business value is definitely fueling our go forward mantra!


2nd floor Rockstate Building, 7th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore-560043