About Us

Nextweb is a software and digital marketing and services Company and we are engaging with companies, individuals, and businesses to render services that will augment their presence and give them the mileage they envisage for themselves. And over time, we have been able to build and grow our business by helping nurture and grow our client’s business!

We are engaging in and delivering what we have, what we say, what we do, and what we offer. And in that the Nextweb practices, policies and our proactive approach, and intuitively designed workflows are helping transform, make over, and grow our customer’s business.

This is how we work and value!

The building blocks that we are laying bit by bit are definitely visible both on our end as well our client’s. The work and the services that we offer are purely built and based on mutual trust and belief. And at Nextweb, we not only aim to best what our clients’ seek from us, but we also value their privacy and their requirements and we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, instead we have devised individualized engagements for each and everye one of our clients’.

The Software development lifecycle (SDLC) or the software development process in itself is basically a structure that forms the basis of developing a software product. And in order to see a software product to its fruition, there are many different development approaches. Principal among them and what we at Nextweb offers include:

PHP Development

A much depended and relied upon server scripting language is PHP. In fact, it seems to have become a crowd favorite and it is said that more than 8 million web domains are based on the PHP programming script and it is growing at a steady pace of 15% and more.

Nextweb offers, effectual and cost-effective PHP programming service and since it has proven to be an effective and potent tool in facilitating in the creation of interactive and dynamic web pages, in many ways more than one, the programming language has out proven itself.

At Nextweb, we have the expertise and the experience in PHP programming and we engage with a couple clients’ from different genres and domains on this open source platform.

.NET Programming and Development

The experienced developers at Nextweb have mastered the art of designing, developing and integrating the many different solutions and applications on the .Net platform. And in more ways than one, we have fully explored and utilized the functionalities and capabilities of the .Net realm. .Net platform is a much in demand and accepted programming script that allows for operating any type of web applications on the .Net platform. Our software experts, coding specialists, programmers, and developers display clear-cut understanding of the requisites and showcase immense capacities when it comes to incorporating the Microsoft .Net framework and integrating it into the existing requirements.

Accordingly, our ASP.NET software development services include

  • Web portal development.
  • Web portal development
  • Web applications

The world of UI or User Interface and well-designed websites

Popularly referred to as UI, user interface is the perfect synchronization and coordination between a website and human interface. The interactivity and ease of use when it comes to a neatly designed responsive website is all in place thanks to intuitive User Interface. When user interface more than assists and makes possible the relative accessibility and enhances user-friendliness, then the website is definitely going to deliver on all fronts and customers’ and their end users’ will more than be happy and satisfied.

So when it comes to user interface, and good web designing, Nextweb has really cracked the code and we deliver neatly designed responsive websites that are firmly ensconced in sound user interface backgrounds.

The Nextweb team

We have vested our faith in our team members and we know that they will deliver. Because, at Nextweb we believe that with the right approach, opportunity and the freedom of expression that we dole out, the ‘sky is the limit’ when it comes to people being able to tap into their strengths and creativity. And since we have based everything on commitment and dedication, so that we can help realize not just our goals, but the goals of our clients’ as well, we are doing what works best and every day we are endeavoring in this direction, thanks to our experienced and committed members of the team.

Services We Provide

Responsive Website Designing

Inimitable websites that are based on the responsive web design platform with a nice intuitive user interface-UI that really stands out

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E-Commerce Development

An ecommerce site designed on the premise of a responsive website. This way, the website is easy to access and reflects the same across any medium or device.

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The underlying and critical factor of success and visibility for both a website and a mobile is its UX design.

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Business Development

Business development is all about the summing up of thoughts, ideas, inventiveness.

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Digital Marketing

Well, it is a process of fetching as much presence and visibility, and users’ to a website so it becomes beneficial for the website owner.

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Mobile Application

Android mobile platform has a burgeoning share and market presence. Most smartphones are based on this platform.

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The Nextweb journey is replete with our core values, our commitment, our vision, and our engaging services. Our clients’ are at the focal point of everything we do. So our proven business value is definitely fueling our go forward mantra!


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